At The Cove at Cerritos we are really about two beaches. The tranquil beach right outside your door, and the world famous Cerritos beach. Cerritos beach really does have something for everyone. Shallow gentle waters where kids can play, small waves close to shore for the beginner surfers and boogie boarders, and a legit surf break for those willing to paddle out. What really sets Cerritos apart is a wide, deep, beach offering endless strolls on nicely packed sand and shallow waters to wade through and sand bars to explore. You will always find a gentle mist coming off the pounding surf, families playing in the gentle wash, all on a long perfect crescent beach. The beach vendors are present but not overbearing and if you are looking for a snack or a massage, both will find you with very little effort on your part. If you forgot your beach chair and umbrella you can count on a friendly local to set you up - for a small fee of course.

Away from the crowds, The Cove at Cerritos sits on it's own secluded beach - See more images

A lone surfer stands above Cerritos beach. The warm waters make wet suits a luxury and not a necessity

A  stress-free lineup for surfers of all levels 

A couple of surf fishermen try their luck under the glow of a Cerritos Dawn 

The Iconic Hacienda Cerritos stands vigil over the North end of Cerritos Beach. Just steps beyond sits The Cove at Cerritos 

First to the prize on this very pet-friendly  stretch of sand 

The Beach at The Cove at Cerritos